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How many different styles of Sudoku exist?

I would love to know how many variations of the game sudoku is out there? Does anyone have a clue? I love the game and would like to try as many different styles to test my skills. What’s the best site to play a variety of styles on?


Sudoku, what are the best books you reccommend for beginners to internediate?

I just learned how to do sudoku and can do the easy ones really fast now, I am beginning to work on the medium ones and sometimes get stuck but not always. Does anyone have any tips? Also, what are the best books for beginners to intermediate(or someone like me) to work on and get […]


Sudoku Strategy

This article will explain how to make a winning sudoku strategy. More and more people are taking part in playing Sudoku and looking to find their own Sudoku solutions. Sudoku is known as a logic-based placement puzzle which aims to struture the Sudoku grid into a numerical digit formation on the basis of 1 through to […]


What is a good way to improve my sudoku-solving skills?

All my friends are fantastic at sudoku and they LOVE it, but i don’t, mainly because well, I can’t solve those things. I just want to know for those sudoku solvers out there how do you solve them, is it natural ability, patience, or secret formula that I don’t know about…? Thanks.


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