An Introduction to the History and Development of Sudoku Puzzle

Ancient civilization is well reknowned for its ingenuity, creativity and intelligence. Obviously as technology was a thing of the future and devices such as computers, television, radio, ipods etc were not even a consideration, people of the ancient civilization era also had different forms of entertainment. Unlike today, the people of that generation were not dependent on the benefits of modern technology.

Quite often, people do also get bored with modern technology and turn to their own mind and formulate their own brain twister in a form of riddles or puzzles. This is how people explore their ways of thinking and also their own creativity. People normally naturally love activities that could challenge  mind and form new ideas.

History tells us that some of the modern day games and puzzles that mankind enjoy today are based on the ideas of early people, although with some innovations applied. Sudoku fits into that category as it is one of the games that have existed since the ancient times. This may be the first time that you have heard about the term Sudoku. You may have heard of it but might have asked yourself what Sudoku is all about and where it originated.

Another name given to Sudoku is “number place”. You may or may not think that it was derived from the Japanese language. This refers to a logic based placement. To put it another way, this is a type of puzzle game. It was published first in one of the magazines in United States in the year 1979 then followed in Japan until it gained its popularity.

If you are going to translate the name Sudoku into an English phrase, it literally means that “the digits must remain single”. It has however gathered various manners of pronunciation in different countries as time has gone by. Nevertheless, whatever the descriptive translation is, the standards set on the games are never altered.

According to the people who discovered Sudoku, the puzzle enhances your critical thinking. It makes you utilize arithmetic relationship between numbers that are not relevant with each other. There are also basic rules that are set for you to play Sudoku puzzle.

You may now be starting to get interested with Sudoku as you read this article. Well, before you look to ways to satisfy your interest or curiosity, you should first know the story behind the game. For instance, when was it first introduced?

During his late 70’s, Howard Garns anonymously designed the puzzle Sudoku. He was known to be a retired architect and indeed a freelance puzzle constructor. Not unsurprisingly, he has ideas on how to create the tricks of a puzzle because it has been a profession for him for quite long time.

He devised his idea from that of the Latin Square designed by Euler. Therefore, he just introduced some additional changes to the game which he called the third dimension. He also provides the player with a partially-completed grid that will require the puzzle solver to complete the rest of the blank grids.

However, some time after Garns was able to develop it and introduce it in the US magazine, it was taken up again in Japan by a person name Nikoli. That was the time that Maiki, President of Nikoli Sudoku was named because during the time of Garns he also has his own English translation.

Before, the game is played manually when it started to get published in the newspaper of Japan and United States. It was in the year 1989 when a computer version of Sudoku was made available for the users under the Loadstar Publishing followed by the Apple Macintosh. In the year 2005, it totally came to its peak of popularity.

Behind the popularity of the Sudoku puzzle is the acknowledgment to Rubik’s cube. This is another puzzle game that was popular during the year 1980. In fact, some of the attributes of Sudoku was also patterned from Rubik’s puzzle.

During 1997, the popularity and success of Sudoku in the media was overwhelming. Even the Hong Kong judge named Wayne Gould became heavily involved in the game up to the point that he also developed his own adaptation of the computerized version of Sudoku.

Nationwide, there was a press release that was published regularly in Japan that enabled the newspaper to sell the prints very quickly. It even reached the world media and was acknowledged as the “fastest growing puzzle in the world”.

There is no doubt that until relatively recent times, the history of Sudoku was a bit of a mystery in the minds of the majority of people. Much gratitude is owed to the development and discovery of the Sudoku puzzle to the people behind Sudoku because without them we would not be able to enjoy the pleasure that has been brought to us by this, now very popular, puzzle.

Why not have a practice…….

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